What’s Included in Our Handyman Service

 Are there some things around the house that need fixing? Need help installing a new cabinet? Whatever the case may be, if there are things that should be done but you don’t know what kind of a specialist to call, chances are you need a handyman service. If you live in Conyers, GA and you are looking for a professional who can do a variety of odd jobs, you should hire a handyman from Brown's Diversified Services. We are a company that has been around since 1991, and we are licensed and insured. We are always happy to lend a helping hand to the members of the local community with:

 Light Electrical Work – Need to get some light bulbs changed? Want to get a new electrical outlet installed or need an old one changed? In either case, we can come to your aid and provide you the needed service at a reasonable rate. There is no need to look for an electrician, wait for estimates, and schedule appointments for next week when you can hire a handyman that will do the job equally well.

 Plumbing Works – Whenever you have dripping faucets that need fixing or you want to have your plumbing fixtures changed, you should turn to us. Our team is comprised of experienced handymen who are able to do all that for you in a professional and timely manner.

 Carpentry – We can do many different carpentry jobs for our clients. We can create different things, like cabinets and molding, but we can also install what we have made. So whenever you want any of these things done, you can simply contact us.

 A Variety of Odd Jobs – Handymen are known for being jacks of all trades and masters of all. From assembling furniture pieces and hanging mirrors and pictures to repairing flooring boards and window panes, we can do it all. This is why, whenever there are some things you need help with, you should book our handyman service and get everything done the same day.

 If you live in Conyers, GA and you need the help of professional handymen, you should call Brown's Diversified Services. We are available at (678) 768-3110 and are looking forward to your calls!