Handyman Tips on How to Replace a Toilet

There are various helpful handyman tips to replace a toilet, which means any amateur DIY enthusiast can perform this job with the minimal of fuss. One of the biggest hurdles with this project will be repairing or replacing the sub-flooring, should any water damage have occurred. Once this is done, installing the new wax ring will create a tight seal to prevent any future problems. Another tip to replacing a toilet is ensuring it is level when it comes time to install the mounting hardware.

With most situations, replacing a toilet is generally done because of a major leak from the tank. Once the toilet and the flooring have been removed, there is every chance there are areas which have sustained water damage, these too will need attention. When the damages are minor, they could be removed and filled with epoxy which is specifically designed for wood and fiberboard. However, should the damages be more substantial, it is generally easier to remove and replace the floorboard completely.

Once the sub-flooring has been repaired, installing the wax ring will be the next step. So long as the cutout of the previous wax ring is still in good shape, the rings can be replaced easily. The biggest job will be placing the new toilet over the wax ring with as little adjustments as possible. Every small movement will greatly reduce the ring’s effectiveness, and significantly increase the chances of suffering future problems.

Once you have installed the wax ring and the toilet is above it, you will then have to replace the securing. With most cases the toilet will line up with the original holes, however, we, at Brown's Diversified Services in Conyers, GA, always recommend new holes are drilled, this will ensure maximum stability. This job could call for 2 people. Once you have bolted the toilet down, you will need to check it to make sure it is sitting completely level.

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